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There was an article in Home entertainment Weekly about Iron Male and future movie projects for Marvel Studios (Issue # 991, May 16, 2008). In this well composed post by Adam B. Vary and Clark Collins, there was a sidebar piece about Samuel L. Jackson’s cameo as Nick Fury. Inning accordance with the post, the Jackson influenced Fury is featured in an alternate Marvel universe series; it appeared to be a red flag for some hardcore comic fans. The question provided was how an alternate Nick Fury can talk with the actual Tony Stark from the original universe? To put it in simple terms – if done the proper way it can be one of the very best moves made by Marvel; turns out it was.

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The 7-isssue mini-series begins in earnest next month, although a beginning book, “Book of the Skull”, has already been launched. Several teasers have been released about the occasion, however not much has actually been exposed about the story as a whole. We caught up with “Triforce Mike”, both a host on the “Unpopular Program” podcast as well as a mainstay at Winter Park’s Eisner-nominated A comic shop, to talk about the upcoming series.

If the Olympic phenomenon is inadequate of a lure, in the spring of 2012, Warner Bros. Is opening a tour that is bound to please every Harry Potter fan out there. A trip of the studios where the unmatchable Harry Potter series of films was recorded opens to the general public. See the wonderful sets, clothes and special results that brought this epic tale to a generation.

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comic book store s can be a great resource for collectors. Check out the shops in your area. Ideally, your local comic book shop will have an excellent choice, or want to purchase titles for you. The shop owner can be a good individual to inquire about taking care of your comics, finding brand-new titles, or just discussing a storyline you delighted in.

Green Lantern fans will not desire to miss out on the emerald warrior’s most current problem. A prelude to this summer’s Blackest Night, this issue is part 3 of the Representative Orange story arc and lastly reavels more information about the corrupt Vega System and why the Guardians fear the orange power battery so much. Fear? The Guardians?

Perhaps the finest part of the entire Tate’s experience is how cool one feels while shopping. Everyone in the market understands that the popular image of a “geek” is an out-of-date. The shop is most frequently occupied with charming twenty-somethings who have a taste for art and nerdstuffs oftentimes outside the series of the 4-color superheroes generally associated with comic book stores. Tate’s has actually achieved the odd status of HIP in a market classified by unkempt homebodies.

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Publishers cite an increase in the rate and need of paper as the perpetrator behind their cost hikes. Nevertheless, independent companies such as Dark Horse and Image comics have actually not changed the quality of their paper and they still stand company with a $2.99 cost. Just recently, The Walking Dead featured complimentary, complete concerns of brand-new Image comics. Concern 63 included the whole first concern of new title, Issue and chew 64 contained a black and white version of the popular title Viking, all without budging from their original cost. It seems odd that independent publishers are able to provide such added functions without raising the rate while big companies like Marvel and DC are passing “inflated paper costs” onto the customer.

With a lot of comic stores here today and gone tomorrow, The Comics Club sticks out as being a trusted source that has actually beened around given that 1989. Originally starting as a mail order comic store, they eventually began offering wholesale comics to retailers and opened their first physical store in 1994. While this one was initially opened in Ft. Lauderdale, they brought The Comics Club to the Tampa Bay area in 2001 and we could not be better! With one of the largest selections of graphic books, comics, trade paper backs and gaming products in the state, they are a must-see if you’re a fan of comics.

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This store is without a doubt the very best shop in the South Florida location. Anyone in Miami ought to definitely make the trek out to visit this location. You’ll begin to re-think how pricey it is to make the drive on a weekly basis. It’s the very best location to spend your King of Days.