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I grew up reading all sorts of comics, from the old Archies comics to the Extraordinary Hulk. As a teenager, a younger good friend presented me to the marvels of X-men and I was hooked. Soon, I started reading all type of comics. something that continued into my adult years (I confess – I enjoyed Chastity. She was a super-cool vamp chick). To this day, I still take pleasure in taking a look at comics and I am particularly fond of the collectibles that I can often discover in various comic shops (I have an excellent Spawn and horse collectible that I believe is super cool, but I guess that’s another story).

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So this Saturday go out to your regional comic shop or visited Collectors Corner. It will be enjoyable for the entire household. Plus who doesn’t like complimentary comics and complimentary pizza?!

7) When you visit the most current comic book-based film, you can be a smarty-pants and talk your pals which storylines the movie swiped from the comic books.

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Head to a comic book store and buy him a couple older concerns of his favorite comic if your child likes comic books. These are usually marked down to $1 apiece. Roll it a little to suit the stocking and beware that you don’t flex the book.

You will not see Jack O’Lantern in the instant future (although there’s a great chance he’ll eventually show up). First of all, Venom will have an encounter with Eddie Brock and Contaminant. It will not be a friendly reunion. At the same time, we’ll be introducing a brand-new bad guy (or group of villains) that will prove very dangerous to Venom.

ALISON: I enjoy language. I love the method it’s utilized and how it evolves. Oh and I’m trilingual. I can write and speak in American, Canadian and British English.

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comics present a practical option to standard books. They foster an interest in reading and art, both which will significantly add to a child’s intellectual growth. In this series of short articles I will provide several comics matched to different age.

The ever greedy Larfleeze is forming up to become both a very effective and fascinating bad guy as we discover more about his organs and how he came into power. Mentioning greed, Larfleeze notifications Hal is sporting an extremely appealing looking blue ring. These rings are tough to come by, and for Larfleeze this is something that he merely MUST have. No Hal Jorden fan will wish to miss this fight that fans will likely be discussing for years to come.


Certainly there are some cases when starting a comic, stopping it, and after that re-starting it are all right. If DC Comics desires to start a Blue Beetle series in the 80’s, then it doesn’t do well, but they decide it might in 2007, then I have no problem with them restarting a comic for that purpose. My issue is with the major titles that go on permanently. There is no need to stop the numbering for Captain America, Fantastic Four, Avengers and titles like that, then start over. The only reason they restart comics is due to the fact that they wish to have the ability to sell another # 1 problem however what’s the point if all the readers are going to be so confused they’ll get lost reading your comics and give up?