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Mystical things are occurring around the world and the Wonderful Four are called upon to help figure it out. Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.

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The 7-isssue mini-series begins in earnest next month, although a prologue book, “Book of the Skull”, has already been released. Numerous teasers have actually been released about the occasion, however not much has actually been exposed about the story as a whole. We overtook “Triforce Mike”, both a host on the “Nerdy Program” podcast in addition to an essential at Winter season Park’s Eisner-nominated A comic shop, to talk about the upcoming series.

So we all know that bookstores are clinging on for dear life in this economy. Al’s Comics, a staple in Hayes Valley for nearly 20 years, is currently going through a rough spot, and well, he needs a bit of assistance to keep things going.

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The special display screens are promotionals for comic book store owners to accentuate passers by and to promote DC Comics Green Lantern # 50 and the new film. Nevertheless some local store owners have been reporting that there’s some flaw that’s causing the displays to catch fire. Others have reported smelling something burning when they plugged in the display screen, and right away disconnected it.

I have never strolled into 2nd Story in Eastpointe, Michigan without being greeted as I stroll in. There are a lot of the significant retailers around the nation that have actually forgotten how much that an easy greeting can make a customer feel more comfortable.

OH: For us it takes about sixty days. The artwork takes the longest due to the fact that each page is drawn by hand and David Miller can finish about a page daily. Next, each page has actually to be colored and then lettered. Once that occurs it needs to be proofed by new eyes-meaning somebody that has not read it since they are more likely to capture mistakes/typos. As soon as that it is done it is sent out to print. When the proofs of the book are authorized a printing schedule is created and you know what day the book will be printed and shipped and then into shops. It is a long procedure and you actually need to value exactly what it requires to enter into simple 24 page comic book.

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Likewise, Chris was actually interested in exactly what I read, and was anxious to talk about titles I took pleasure in. I like talking comics, and I quite much anticipate to have these discussions when I go into comic shops. It’s part of what makes checking out at a regional comic supplier special, and it’s one my preferred parts of the overall shopping experience. Although, there was about twenty individuals in the shop, Chris still made the effort to speak with me as he was waiting on clients and talking with other visitors in the store.

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I have been a customer of 2nd Story in Eastpointe, MI for several years. I will continue to go there for several years to come. If I am looking for a particular book or author, I will always check 2nd Story first to see if they have it, or can get it fast, prior to I go on Amazon. The excellent customer service will keep me coming through the doors for a very long time.