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New comic book releases for 11/30/11. Simply another hour or two before regional comic shop s open their doors and let us at todays latest releases. I have a sensation I will be heading on over to Dr. Comics and Mr. Games quickly. Make certain to share your love of the art type by supporting your local comic shop. Until next week, stack em’ high and take pleasure in.

Honor Thy Dollar Bin: The 90’s saw a boom and near death of the market. The result are thousands of copies of issues that aren’t worth much, but are excellent checks out and enable newbies the opportunity to sample titles before investing hard earned cash on exactly what might be a stagnant book. If a concern gets roughed up there’s no worrying over its worth, Dollar bins are terrific for kids given that. Pittsburghers, take a look at New Measurement Comics for these.

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I can remember when Fred, the owner, began selling comics. He sold them from his van and made shipments to routine clients. Then Fred opened in a small store near Memorial Hospital. I can keep in mind being about 14 or 15 and thinking how cool it would be to own a comic book store like his. When he moved the shop next to the Eisenhower film theater I can remember how happy we were to state we went to The Comic Box. His back issue selection was not as large as some other shops we went to but new concerns and materials were always easily available and they had one of the largest graphic novel and trade paperback choices of any store anywhere.

Not every story will happen in Philly, but the city will play a big function in Flash’s life. I ‘d like for Philadelphia to end up being just as essential to the Venom mythos as New York is to Spider-Man and Houston is to Scarlet Spider.

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Braced for these economic times? The economy has actually directly affected markets nationally to where even locally the comic book industry has felt the financial lightning strikes. Big Monkey comics, a Washington DC based shop, recently closed. For independent comics, the concern is how has the economy effected comics production. The trio had their own experiences to elaborate.

Wil Wheaton, played by himself, is illustrated as the wicked arch-nemesis of Sheldon. Sheldon has actually disliked Wil Wheaton since he failed to appear at a comic convention. Wil Wheaton played Ensign Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation, hence his connection to this show.

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GB: The Human Torch name returns to the extremely earliest days of Marvel Comics, however in the golden era it was an android hero. Random stab here: Any opportunity we might see Reed Richards or somebody else try to replace their fallen buddy with an artificial version?