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Today, Google is honoring the life of a legend with a birthday tribute. Google has actually developed an unique logo, or Doodle, on the search engine’s homepage. While lots of people might not recognize with Eisner’s name, lots of will acknowledge his work.

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So this Saturday head out to your regional comic shop or visited Collectors Corner. It will be fun for the entire family. Plus who doesn’t like totally free comics and complimentary pizza?!

So we all know that book shops are sticking on for dear life in this economy. Al’s Comics, a staple in Hayes Valley for nearly Twenty Years, is currently going through a rough patch, and well, he requires a little aid to keep things going.

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Maximum Comics is a good-sized more recent comic book store located west of the strip in a large shopping center. This store has an excellent choice of merchandise, posters, traditional comics, underground comics and graphic novels. Maximum Comics lies at 5130 S Fort Apache Rd, Suite 285, Las Vegas, NV 89148. The plaza also has a Wal-Mart, a Lowe’s, a 99 cent store and animal shop. Beside Optimum Comics, there is likewise a video game store and a novelty candy and soda store, which makes it an excellent location to go to despite the fact that it is not near to the Las Vegas strip and traveler area.

Your finest option? Absolutely a paper. With the newspaper, you can choose exactly what sections you desire to read. You can skip the advertisements that do not interest you, and it is very portable! You can take it with you to read at your leisure. You even get comics and puzzles to do in many papers! Subscribing to a newspaper provides the most convenience.

Look, comics are a literary form. As such, we the readers should have the ability to dissect and examine these stories to explain what works and what does not, just as we would any book, tv, or movie show. Simply since somebody explains something wrong, there’s no need to get petty over it.

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To put it slightly, the shop is fantastic. In some way it has actually been denied a Will Eisner Spirit of comics Merchant Award for years, yet has still kept enhancing the quality of what they have to provide. Tate and Amanda, the couple who owns the shop, give the whole enterprise a homegrown feel. You’ll frequently see Tate himself roaming around and you’ll constantly see Amanda, who runs the gallery, at the exhibit openings.

GB: There’s a well-earned cynicism among fans about major characters being snuffed – Superman died and returned, Captain America passed away and back, the Flash passed away and came back, etc. Exactly what do you state when confronted with that response?


KAT: Writing is an escape from reality. It is a location where you can develop your very own story and characters and finish with them what you please. However I disagree. You need to have reality in order to compose.