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There was a short article in Home entertainment Weekly about Iron Man and future motion picture tasks for Marvel Studios (Concern # 991, Might 16, 2008). In this well written short article by Adam B. Vary and Clark Collins, there was a sidebar piece about Samuel L. Jackson’s cameo as Nick Fury. Inning accordance with the article, the Jackson motivated Fury is included in an alternate Marvel universe series; it appeared to be a warning for some hardcore comic fans. The concern presented was how an alternate Nick Fury can talk to the actual Tony Stark from the original universe? To put it in easy terms – if done the right method it can be among the finest relocations made by Marvel; ends up it was.

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The other titles you list have little collectible value. I do not know if you’re purchasing because you desire to read these yourself or if you are wanting to resell. If the former, you would probably pay.50 to $2 each at a comic shop, assuming they are in nice shape, so paying.25 cents each might be a bargain, and maybe 20 or 30% of the TPB cover costs. If you are intending to resell, I would be surprised if you had the ability to discover a comic store interested in this stuff, its just not that tough to discover or extremely sought after.

Yes you have actually spoken and they have actually heard your pleas. Recently NBC had released photos of the new Wonder Lady attire that starlet Adrianne Palicki would wear in the brand-new David E. Kelly Marvel Female TV series. The clothing resembled the remarkable amazon’s standard attire differing only from the waist down. Instead of WW’s traditional red boots and star-spangled shorts, the new costume had the character in tight blue pants and blue boots.

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Concern 4 came out Wednesday, however you’ll be able to find the very first three terror-gripped problems at your regional comic book store. And for ‘just’ $3.99 each!

There is often talk of how to keep comics alive. Everyone appears to have their 2 cents, although the two bigs just appear to think that doing the very same thing will ultimately permit the issue to repair itself. Clearly, that will not work, but there are methods to help conserve the sinking ship.

Recently we used to carry heavy school bags loaded with books to the schools. However these days whatever is just a mouse click away. We have actually witnessed those days where having a computer was a far-off dream however these days kids discover how to operate the laptops in their mothers’ womb itself. Kids are born techies. Our dads, grandpas used to have a substantial collection of books, masterpieces composed by Rabindranath Tagore, Shakespeare, and Wordsworth etc. Books utilized to be our friends. Now the term book has been changed by e-book.

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When it comes to the other geek things, I didn’t understand they were geeky. Insufficient kids were into comics for it to be labelled geeky. The cool kids were in fact truly captivated by our enthusiasm for ElfQuest and other comics and they ended up entering it too.

The ever greedy Larfleeze is shaping up to end up being both a very effective and intriguing bad guy as we find out more about his organs and how he entered into power. Mentioning greed, Larfleeze notices Hal is sporting an extremely appealing looking blue ring. These rings are difficult to come by, and for Larfleeze this is something that he just MUST have. No Hal Jorden fan will wish to miss this conflict that fans will likely be discussing for several years to come.


I have been a client of 2nd Story in Eastpointe, MI for numerous years. I will continue to go there for several years to come. If I am trying to find a particular book or author, I will always examine 2nd Story initially to see if they have it, or can get it fast, prior to I go on Amazon. The fantastic client service will keep me coming through the doors for a long time.