The Future!

Valentine will soon be ending its hiatus! Here’s what we have planned for the completion of the series… the remaining 14 episodes.

First, the 354-page print collection of Valentine (episodes 1-10 and bonus story) comes out September 5th from Image Comics. Please consider buying it! The number of books we sell is directly related to our ability to continue the series.

Second, we’ll be running a Kickstarter in October to fund additional episodes, as well as a very exciting and innovative responsive-design version of Valentine that will be viewable on any device via this website, and will have some really cool digital extras we haven’t been able to put into action yet due to being broker than dirt.

What can you do to help? Any number of things. You can tell a friend about the series and suggest they download it. (If your friend happens to run Lionsgate or something, so much the better). You can buy a copy of the print book, for yourself, or for a gift (Valentine has a big teen and female fanbase! Got kids?). You can pledge for a Kickstarter reward. You can tweet about us, and DCBS’ awesome preorder deal. You can even just leave us a comment saying, “you go, girls!” because that makes us very happy indeed. So, hopefully, between you, me, and everyone else, we can bring Valentine to its thrilling conclusion. Because, dear reader, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Valentine, vol. 1 in print from Image Comics! Pre-order now!

Painting by Steven Belledin

Steven Belledin’s gorgeous painted cover for the Image Comics trade paperback of Valentine. Out on September 5th; collects episodes 1-10, 354 pages, includes exclusive 42-page bonus story from Alex de Campi and Cassandra James. People in the USA can pre-order the book for $12.49 from DCBS. Although Valentine is free online (and will stay that way), please help us afford to make new episodes by buying a copy of the book!